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Drama is an popular subject in school in Europe. In this course, we adopt a cultural and historical approach to drama. The principles of this course are based on Vygotsky’s study on drama, culture and learning.



Drama is not merely an activity realized by a specialist performer to entertain or preach people in its traditional sense. It can also be used as an effective teaching-learning tool in schools wherein it engages its participant at physical, emotional, mental and social levels simultaneously.

Drama provides its participants an optimum opportunity to exercise their autonomy and consciousness in a safe and fictional space created in a particular context, while also helping teachers become critical thinkers in real-life situations.  Drama is an increasingly popular subject in school curriculum in many countries in Europe. In drama lessons, teachers work with learners to produce dramatic texts. The process of learning is complex: drawing from a wide range of textual sources and semiotic resources, it engages and involves the body and the mind of learners in social and cultural activities. In this course, we adopt a cultural and historical approach to drama and learning analysis of a drama lesson. The principles of this course are based on Vygotsky’s work on drama, culture and learning. They are elaborated in relation to current concerns in cultural historical theory and also coherent to relevant and complementary approaches from critical cultural studies.

Methods of description and analysis drawn from the best practices in Europe will form part of the program.

OBJECTIVES OF THE creative drama in education COURSE FOR TEACHERS


  • Understanding Creative Drama Theory
  • Key aspects of using drama in education
  • Improving teaching skills
  • Improving communication skills
  • Learning creative drama techniques and games
  • Getting to know the use of creative drama
  • Applying drama techniques in different subjects
  • Practicing verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Increasing students’ motivation throughout drama 
  • Preparing a drama activity for your classroom
  • Using drama in assessment 
  • Detecting current good practices and developments in Europe
  • Exchanging experiences and cross-cultural practices
  • Sharing ideas and materials between colleagues
  • Improving language and communication skills
  • Increasing international cooperation and intercultural awareness

SCHEDULE FOR THE creative drama as a teaching method COURSE FOR ERASMUS+ TEACHERS


09:00-10:00   Meeting – Getting to know each other

10:00-11:00   Introduction to the curriculum

11:30-13:30   Introduction to Creative Drama 

14:00-15:00   Drama in education

09:00-10:00   Basic drama techniques and its applications

10:00-11:00   Drama techniques and its applications

11:30-13:30   Drama techniques and its applications

14:00-15:00   Suitable drama techniques for each subject

09:00-10:00    Body movements and theatre games

10:00-11:00    Role of body movement in education 

11:30-13:30    Drama for effective learning

14:00-15:00    Frozen picture / still image

09:00-10:00    Improvisation

10:00-11:00    Interpretation

11:30-13:30    Imaging your story-based on specific teaching area

14:00-15:00    Presentation of activities and feedback

09:00-10:00   Best practices in Europe

10:00-11:00   Drama as an assessment technique 

11:30-13:30   Course overview and evaluation

14:00-15:00   Europass Mobility and Participation Certificates

5 days – 25 hours

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