Malaga, the beautiful Mediterranean city on Costa del Sol (The coast of sun), Andalusia, Spain.
We invite you to Malaga because the sun shines here more than 320 days a year and has one of the warmest winters in Europe. People take advantage of this unique climate by enjoying the precious beaches and having their tapas in street bars, almost all year long!

Besides having the friendliest local people, also being an attractive destination for foreigners makes easy to practice your Spanish and English here. It still preserves its local culture to experience fiestas, ferias and much more about typical Spanish life. Feeling the essence of flamenco while passing throughout its narrow pedestrian streets is just priceless here.

For nature lovers, there are many mountains and amazing routes around, surrounded with little white authentic villages. Its grand history by Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Catholics left us the current Andalusian city centres which resemble an “open museum”. Yet, Malaga also houses many modern museums for art lovers.

While it attracts students and professionals with its modern and big
technological parks and universities, also attracts teachers and educational staff with its developing-innovative educational curriculum and practices.

We can’t wait to welcome you here in Andalusia, besides having your teacher training course, also to have an amazing experience, be part of the culture of this beautiful country, have fun, get tanned, and much more…

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