This training course is aimed at getting to know strategies, methodologies and tools to include all students in education by considering special needs and how special education works in Spain in pre-school, primary and secondary levels. The participants will learn meeting the needs of specific individuals and groups of learners in an inclusive way, creating a proper and supportive learning environment for special needs children with cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities, promoting and managing their growth in conjunction with their special needs. The participants will have the chance to observe innovative approaches for SNE in Spain and come up to ideas to modify their own curriculum to make sure each student’s special individual needs are met with an integrated approach.



  • Understanding the most common specific learning difficulties
  • Identification and diagnosis
  • Learning new ideas about how to assist and teach students with these disabilities
  • Increasing student awareness to overcome difficulties
  • Multiculturalism in classroom- mutual understanding and respect
  • Activities for applying in classroom depending on level and type of disorder
  • Innovative approaches for SNE
  • Materials and methods to improve educational practices
  • Developing specific intervention programs for those students
  • Increasing broader understanding of strategies and systems dealing with special needs children in Spain,
  • Exchanging experiences and cross-cultural practices
  • Sharing best practices, ideas and materials between colleagues within the EU
  • Improving of language and communication skills
  • Increasing capacity to cooperate on international level and enhance intercultural awareness
Day 1 Activities
10:00-12:00 Getting to know each other – Presentation of participant organizations
12:00-14:00 Introduction to course program
16:00-20:00 Guided city tour - Welcome dinner with participants
Day 2 Activities
10:00-11:30 The most common specific learning difficulties and their types
11:30-13:00 The process of identification and diagnosis
13:00-14:00 Increasing self-awareness and self-sufficiency to overcome their difficulties
Day 3 Activities
10:00-11:30 Integration in classroom- mutual understanding and respect
11:30-13:00 Identification of risks, factors and barriers for each school case
13:00-14:00 Ways, methods and activities for inclusion and integration
Day 4 Activities
10:00-11:30 Practical strategies on how to assist and teach students with these disabilities with ready‐to‐use materials and methods to improve educational practices
11:30-13:00 Best practices in Spain and Europe for dealing with SNE children
15:00-18:00 School Visit: Spanish education system & Best practices
Day 5 Activities
10:00-11:30 Evaluation and assessment in special education
11:30-13:00 Course evaluation
15:00-18:00 Europass mobility & Participation Certificates
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