Erasmus+ Training Courses

Plus Project organizes inspiring, practice-driven, dynamic and innovative teacher training courses for school education staff, in accordance with Erasmus + KA101 programme.



Extra professional Activities

Each course includes professional visits and/or local staff meetings to provide most fulfilling professional and cultural experience for our participants.

Erasmus + financial Support

All courses can fully be financed through grants under Erasmus + programme (KA1 staff mobility).

project preparation assistance

If it is needed, we guide you step by step through your Erasmus+ project preparation, completely free of charge.

tailor-made courses

We organise tailor made courses about the specific topic of your interest and needs for groups of at least 5 participants.

flexible course calendar

If our courses don’t fit your agenda, we organize courses in your suggested dates for groups of at least 5 participants.

back up services

We fully take care of you to make you feel at home during your stay with our all inclusive services (accommodation, meal, local transport, cultural activities and 24/7 support).


target group


Our target participants are teachers of all age groups and specialities, educational managers, education professionals, counsellors, and other professionals interested in education and learning.



Our trainers are local experts and specialists of their fields whom have been participating or creating pioneer activity and projects on training topic in Spanish context.



We adopt a hybrid approach in our trainings that is teaching formal topics by blending them with non formal activities such as ice breaking and team building activities, group work, discussions, group reflections, problem solving activities, project-inquiry-action based activities, brainstorming, etc.

tailor made


We also tailor our course methodology based upon participants’ needs and preferences. Please let us know what do you have in mind, then we can realize it as you think up!

target group


Our courses also include professional visits to local schools and institutions for our participants to gain an in-place understanding of local education system and observe practical situations and the related practices being carried on about the topic.



At the end of the training course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance including training content, with the Europass Mobility Certificate-if requested.

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We organize our teacher training courses in:

  • Spain
  • Netherland
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • fees


    Our teacher training courses are tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 1 with options from all inclusive to only course. Please ask for different services depending on your needs and preferences.


    Why Plus Project?

    Plus Project is your family in abroad with its personal attention and guidance to make your Erasmus+ unforgettable. Enjoy comfortable and risk-free service to have more time to enjoy this unique experience with Plus Project.

    • Expertise in international projects
    • Professional & friendly staff
    • Strong network of partners
    • Multilingual support
    • Reliable service
    • Step by step guidance
    We can’t wait to welcome you here in Andalusia, besides carrying out your Erasmus+ project, also to have an amazing experience, be part of the culture of this beautiful country, have fun, get tanned, and much more…

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