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Turn your Erasmus+ into a life changing experience with Plus Project!

Inspiring, practice-driven, dynamic and innovative Teacher Training Courses for school education staff



With our local expert trainers and friendly multicultural team, we create the most appropriate training and professional/cultural activities according to your and your organization’s needs and leave you just to enjoy this unique experience in a maximum level.

In order to achieve a high quality training course in a practical, dynamic and participative way, we adopt a hybrid approach in our trainings that is teaching formal topics by blending them with non formal activities.


Some of these activities are: Ice breaking and team building activities, group work, discussions, debates, group reflections, problem solving activities, project-inquiry-action based activities, brainstorming, etc.

Innovative and inspiring Teacher Training Courses
Learn all about the best teaching techniques out there
Local expert trainers
We only bring you the top professionals of the sector
Fully equipped training rooms
We provide you the best environment for a productive course
Excursions and cultural activities
Every course comes with a free city tour and flamenco show
Full guidance before, during and after your mobility
We help teachers move all over the world
Tailormade training courses for your needs
We customize the training to help you develope
Assistance with your trip
We help you to organize accommodation, transport, food, etc.

training courses for teachers in Spain


Structured courses

Local expert trainers with innovative and interactive teaching methods

Materials and certificates

Europass CV and Certificate of Attendance provided​

Professional visits

Pioneer institutions in your project topic

Free cultural activities

Each course includes a free guided city tour and an authentic Flamenco show

Translation services

Provided by our multilingual team to many different languages

Flexible course calendar

Adapting our activities to your program


Guided city tours to nearby touristic cities

EXTRA activities

Getting to know the culture by having fun with various local activities

Travel organization

Assistance with your trip (accommodation, transportation, food, etc.)


Full assistance before, during and after your mobility



Some unforgettable moments from our professional and cultural activities


A base de 37 evaluaciones.
Kristi Aasma
The wisdom starts from a miracle! We've had lots of miracles during the Erasmus course about INNOVATIVE TEACHING!
Inga Jerumane
On behalf of the Erasmus + group, I THANK YOU for hearty admissions - we felt welcome, needed and safe. Thanks for memorable tours to Ronda and Cordoba. We were honored to indulge ourselves in Andalusia's authentic flamenco tradition, architecture, art, culture and food paradise. We were fascinated by Spain's nature with its terrain, its warm sea, its plant diversity, its fields of olives and oranges. Thanks for the course programme, they were valuable and refractive, and we also overcame our shyness and our inability to communicate in English. We'll apply the teaching methods we've learned in our classrooms and share with other school teachers. We had the courage to be able and willing to take part. This week was like a fairy tale. In Spain, and in meeting with you, we will keep it in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Ranka primary school participants: Inga, Laima, Agita, Sigita, Mārīte, Linda
Sunumlar ve etkinlikler İngilizceydi. Etkinlikleri ve sunumları anlamakta zorlandım. Hemen imdatta kurs yöneticisi( Ezgi Hanım) yetişti. Çeviri yaparak konuyu anlamamı sağladı. Kendisine bir kere daha teşekkür ederim. Ayrıca Kursun öğretmeni( Sara Hanım) ekinlikleri anlamamız için tekrar tekrar anlattı. Her çalışmada konuyla ilgili fikirlerimizi aldı. Teşekkürler Sara Teşekkürler Ezgi Teşekkürler Plus Project European Academy
Gordana Brkanac
Dear Sara and Zizzy! The Giftted Children Malaga course is the best thing that has happened to me in my teaching career. The course was well organized full of practical advice and activities, but slao new know Ledger about giftted children, their advantages and problema. It is especially important to me that I got to know the ways on which gifted students think, how they experience the world around them, what is interesting to them, and what causes boredom and repulsion. The atmosphere you created was relaxed, but all the time filled with stimulating activities. All the participants were so kind that I will always remember Malaga and your exceptional expertise with joy. I will the acquried knowledge to other students, so with the help od the methods that you Sara showed us to detect a shy but talented student. Thank you for your effort, patience and expanding our insights that you have given us during the course. From the bottom od my heart, I wish you all the best and further Progress. Greetings from Gordana
From the first moment we contacted, they made things easy with their caring and reliable attitude. Access to the course center is easy, the place is cute and adequate. The content of the course is rich, requires active participation, is learned through fun and inspires. They do their jobs seriously and sympathetically. We fell under the spell of Andalusia with organizations such as a city tour and a flamenco show organized to promote the cultural elements of the city and the region in the hours left after the education. Also on the Course, kind souls, kind people who pay attention to details enough to celebrate my birthday with a surprise cake. Thank you for this amazing experience.
Dudu Hilal Izgi
Harika bir kurstu. Kursun içeriği ve bize sağladığı katkılar için çok teşekkürler 🙂
Robert Gortan
Every compliment at the organization and seminar, inspired, interesting, lots of novelties ... just so on. I hope to see you soon 🙂

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