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Erasmus+ Courses for Teachers 2023

The Erasmus Program opens inscriptions to courses for teachers in Málaga. In order to improve the quality of school education, Spain is receiving international teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge and experience in the area. Together with Plus Project this is possible if you choose any of the Erasmus+ courses that have been made available in 2017. To choose the right course to take, we first tell you what each one is about and how you can apply for the Erasmus+ course.

Courses for teachers are designed to meet the needs of these professionals as guides in the education and training of new generations. Such courses have a social and cultural focus, which opens the minds of teachers to an inclusive and interactive education.

Above all, with the Erasmus+ KA1 courses, the teachers will be able to learn didactic strategies, as well as obtain innovative tools for the exercise of their profession. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet people of other nationalities and cultures, and most importantly, to improve a foreign language.

Why choose Plus Project for your teacher training courses?

There are many advantages that you can enjoy in any of Plus Project’s Erasmus+ courses for teachers, but without a doubt, the experience is one of the most remarkable. Here, the professionals will be able to attend specialized courses in Málaga, as well as count on our friendly team of educators who will help you to expand your knowledge, and thus, you will be able to train your students to forge a better future for their country. Of course, our Erasmus+ courses for teachers will also help you to expand your Europass skills.

We have a network of reliable partners, as well as multilingual support, so teachers from all over the European Union and partner countries can attend our courses in sunny Málaga. We guide teachers step by step through a well thought-out program to ensure specialization in different areas.

Erasmus+ teacher courses

Courses for teachers are based on a form of specialization for education professionals dedicated to their vocation. Such trainings will help teachers have innovative tools for a good pedagogy, and in this way, make sure their students, back in their countries, have a quality education.

New Technologies in Education Courses for teachers

One of the main objectives of the Erasmus+ courses for teachers is to provide quality tools that give them knowledge and experience in new technologies applied to education. Thanks to these, the teacher will have good technological resources to apply in the classroom and, consequently, obtain excellent results in terms of the academic performance of their students.

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Teachers

Education, human rights and social inclusion are a fundamental part of the development of society. For this reason, the diversity and inclusion course for teachers offers valuable material for education professionals, so that they can create an equal educational ground for their students, as well as teach them how to be more tolerant, get along with everyone in our multicultural society.

Modern Methods of Teaching Courses for Teachers

The courses for teachers include training in cooperative learning that provides professional modern skills in the educational field. The good thing about innovative methods of teaching courses is that they have a personalized learning system. Therefore, the teacher will have the appropriate tools according to his or her experience and area of study.

The best courses for teachers in Spain

Being a teacher is more than just a career, it is a vocation that requires constant training. In case you want to enrich your CV, we are your best option to improve your educational abilities whilst having a good time. Plus Project has the best Erasmus+ courses in Málaga. Why do we say this?

The training given in these courses is face-to-face, which guarantees a formidable experience for the professional. With practical courses, the teacher is offered a complete preparation, both at an individual and institutional level. Activities are organized in the courses, so that the education professional can implement them in a productive way. 

Erasmus+ Funding

It is likely that many believe that it is impossible to attend Erasmus teacher training courses. However, with Plus Project this is not far-fetched. With full course funding, teachers will have an unparalleled opportunity. Now, it is up to the professional to take advantage of it.

Erasmus+ KA1

The most important thing about these Erasmus courses for teachers is that it is easy for them to enter the program. For this reason, the Erasmus+ KA1 program has been created, or better known as the Learning mobility of people. This will guarantee a better learning performance and, therefore, a higher probability of obtaining a job with promotion expectations in a short time.

Erasmus+ Program 2021-2027

Considering the popularity of the Erasmus+ courses, this year the budget for courses for teachers has been doubled. Here, professionals will be able to participate in projects that encourage a better education of students, while the professional gets a different experience, getting to know people from other countries, as well as new cultures.

What is the Erasmus+ Program?

It is a program of courses for teachers that provides didactic strategies which promote the modernization of schools. Through the exchange, educational projects and practices are implemented in various school organizations. It is a movement that stimulates the internationalization of teachers in the European Union.

The New Erasmus+ 2023 Program

Thanks to the new program that has been designed for this year, it promises to reinforce the actions of the courses for teachers of previous years. Such courses promise to broaden the horizons of teachers, therefore, a budget has been set that seems ambitious, but also assumes that this will be an open and inclusive program.

More ambitious

The vision of the Erasmus+ courses for teachers is much more ambitious as it seeks to implement new strategies for schools and organizations involved in the projects. Therefore, most of the funding for these courses goes to schools that develop the international dimension of these European projects.

More inclusive

The aim of the Erasmus+ courses for teachers is to achieve mass participation. Hence, the budget is dedicated to cover the needs of students, such as their mobility, through car rentals or by providing transportation. And since it is a face-to-face course, it means more opportunities to meet people from other cultures and nationalities.

Environmental Responsibility

The Erasmus Program courses for teachers include in their objective that professionals promote environmental responsibility. Therefore, they are also taught to apply rules aimed at protecting the environment that surrounds us. And all this is done in practice, since the courses are taught in person.


Now, when we talk about inclusion, this also implies the integration of students through technological strategies. Therefore, in addition to being an Erasmus exchange course, it will also be possible to study online courses. So, we are talking about mixed mobility courses, which means that schools will be able to hold virtual meetings so that people outside the institution can benefit from this program.

KA1 - Individual Mobility

Such international courses offer new professional skills to teachers from all over the European Union. The Key Action 1 allows you to apply for funding to send the teachers and students from your school abroad. Now, with this new mobility program, KA1 also bets on the Invited Expert Project. This means you can invite experts from other countries within the European Union to come to your school.

Teachers courses from education professionals

The Erasmus+ teacher training program allows professionals from all over the European Union to develop new strategies and skills for those who participate. Thanks to these courses, teachers’ motivation is restored, resulting in a satisfied teacher. This, of course, directly affects students who benefit from a new way of learning.

Sharing good teaching practices

After having participated in any of the Erasmus+ courses for teachers, education professionals will have an enriching and international experience, with new methodologies, tools and new friends. Since any teacher can participate in these courses, this provides the perfect opportunity to share their perspectives and techniques.

Mobility for students

The new modality of these courses includes mobility of participants to foreign schools. For this purpose, the partner schools form an international community where different exchange activities take place. This means that both the student and the organizations participating in the Erasmus program benefit from the exchange.

How to apply for the Erasmus+ 2023 Program

All teachers who want to participate in Erasmus courses, will have this amazing opportunity if they go through the proper application process. The good news is that such a process is completely free, so you can do it by yourself. To participate in the Erasmus+ Program, you have to follow the these steps:

Prepare the Erasmus+ Program application

After analyzing the teachers courses program and choosing which one you are going to participate in, it is time to make the application. However, this does not mean just filling out a form. You must first plan according to the school community and the government to which the institution belongs. These are the agencies you will be counting on in the Erasmus program.

Link the budget request to real needs

To participate in courses for teachers as Erasmus, you must consider well your school financial needs. Such a budget should be established from a real point of view. The student’s needs should be reflected in the European Development Plan, which should be linked to the organic projects of the institutions participating in the  Erasmus+ Program.

Make your school International with the European Development Plan

The European Development Plan is aimed at the internationalization of schools. Therefore, the programs and plan of your school or institutions should be aligned with the rest of participating organizations. This can be achieved by connecting the schools strategies and planning documents through the European Education Area. This should be an opportunity to show how you plan to make your school more international and become up-to-date in the long term.

Create partnerships with other internationals organizations

To participate in the Erasmus+ Program it will benefit you to find partners and alliances, this will allow you to create a single application. Find an institution, which, most likely will be another school, and identify common grounds and similiar needs to merge your application.  

Write your project for the Erasmus+ Program 2021-2027

After establishing the partner organization and your working group, you need to write a real project. If you are familiar with this program and its vocabulary it will be easy for you get to work. But if you have no knowledge about it, you can ask for help from Plus Project that has complete information about planning and writing the European Project.

Apply to the Erasmus+ Program 2021-2027

After receiving the approval of your project, you will have to upload it to the European digital platform. The good news is that with just an Organization Identification Code, you will be able to find your school and register it on the platform.

Download the Erasmus+ Program Guide 2021-2027

Before applying for Erasmus courses, the best thing to do is to study everything about what it means to participate in this innovative form of teacher training. Download here the 2023 Erasmus+ Program.

Frequently asked questions about Erasmus+

After receiving the approval of your project, you will have to upload it to the European digital platform. The good news is that with just an Organization Identification Code, you will be able to find your school and register it on the platform.

It is a program created by the European Union in order to support the education and encourage all aducational institutions in Europe to come together and work as one. Through the student exchange, participants have a different experience in their training, besides enjoying experiences with people of other nationalities and cultures. This is why we speak of an inclusive project.

The activities that are carried out in an Erasmus training are focused on creating opportunities for education, youth and sport. In this case, the courses are aimed at teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge and experience in the area. To find out if you have the opportunity, contact Plus Project advisors.

Be aware of the deadlines for the submission of documents for the Erasmus scholarship application. You can ask for more information from the person in charge of international mobility at the institution where you are studying.

Come enjoy the best weather of Europe in southern Spain. Málaga is a beautiful city full of life, activities, sightseen spots, culinary excellence and more tan 300 days of pure sun a year. Your Erasmus Plus teacher course in Málaga will be a pleasure.

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