Teaching Gifted Children Course

Meeting the Learning Needs of Gifted and Talented Children

Teaching Gifted Children Course for teachers

This course will educational professionals build a comprehensive skills for both identifying and teaching to these children, from primary to high school.


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Teaching Gifted Children Course description


Gifted education refers to the broad set of practices, pedagogy and theories used when teaching to students who have been identified as “gifted” or “talented.”

While there is no universal definition of what it means to be a student who is gifted and talented, it is mostly defined as demonstrating outstanding levels of aptitude and/or competence in one or more domains. The issues of gifted pupils have increasingly gained ground in Europe in recent decades. To maximize the potential of the gifted learner, it is essential to improve the flexibility of schools, to diversify teaching methods and techniques, to enrich the content of the curriculum and to increase the qualifications of the teachers who work with gifted learners.

If you are one of those teachers who is not limited to the traditional classroom, this course will allow you to reach a group of students who enjoy creative and academic challenges, to have an in-depth insight into the different world of the gifted child, which is essential to empower teachers to work effectively with the gifted.

This course will help you build a comprehensive range of highly practical, high-interest skills for both identifying and teaching to these children, from primary to high school.

Objectives of Teaching Gifted Children Course for teachers


  • To determine the characteristics of gifted students
  • To recognize the learning differences, and cognitive/affective characteristics of gifted and talented students
  • To identify their related academic and social-emotional needs and how to meet them
  • To design appropriate learning and performance modifications for gifted needs
  • To enhance creativity, acceleration, depth and complexity in academic subjects
  • To  acknowledge suggestions for the inclusion of gifted students
  • To get to know the teaching strategies that work best with gifted
  • To know the educational legislations, official identification and educational administration procedures
  • To gain practical tips for day to day use
  • To detect current good practices about inclusive education
  • To exchange ideas, experiences, materials and cross-cultural practices between colleagues
  • To improve language and communication skills
  • To increase international cooperation and intercultural awareness

Schedule for the Teaching Gifted Children Course


09:00-10:00 Meeting – Getting to know each other
10:00-11:00 Introduction to the curriculum
11:30-13:30 General and learning characteristics of gifted students
14:00-15:00 Diagnosis techniques of gifted students

09:00-10:00 Educational needs of gifted students
10:00-11:00 Learning and teaching strategies for gifted students
11:30-13:30 Planning activities for gifted students
14:00-15:00 Enrichment and acceleration activities and Bloom Taxonomy

09:00-10:00 Special programs for gifted students
10:00-11:00 High level thinking and questioning skills
11:30-13:30 Developing problem-solving skills
14:00-15:00 Project-based learning and interdisciplinary approaches

09:00-10:00 Difficulties in classroom activities
10:00-11:00 Best practices in Europe
11:30-13:30 Designing your own classroom activity for gifted students
14:00-15:00 Presentation of activities and feedback

09:00-10:00 Social interaction and parent cooperation
10:00-11:00 Prevention of bullying and school failure of gifted students
11:30-13:30 Measurement and evaluation of gifted students
14:00-15:00 Evaluation of the course – Europass Mobility and Certificates

gifted-children teaching course

5 days – 25 hours

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* Materials, certificates and cultural activities included!

*Other course days are available, please ask for specific dates.

06/02/2023 – 10/02/2023
10/07/2023 – 14/07/2023
20/11/2023 – 24/11/2023
05/02/2024 – 09/02/2024
22/07/2024 – 26/07/2024
18/11/2024 – 22/11/2024

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