Wellbeing in Schools course

Emotional education to learn/teach crucial life skills for a peaceful school environment

Wellbeing Courses for teachers

In the Wellbeing in Schools course you will gain emotional education tools to teach crucial life skills for a peaceful school environment.

Wellbeing Courses for teachers description


Wellbeing Courses for teachers: Education cannot lead to success if the basic physical, emotional and social needs of students are not covered. Promoting well-being at school provides a base to improve academic performance, behaviour, social integration and satisfaction of both the students and the teachers.

For this reason, it is important that teachers and education professionals have the necessary techniques and knowledge to care for themselves and their students emotionally, to educate to be and feel, to help the students to manage their emotions effectively and avoid being derailed, which all will drive them to continue their profession with illusion and motivation.

In this course, our teacher participants will improve their personal and professional wellbeing, learn to recognize, name and modulate emotions, facilitate self-awareness, gain  emotional problem-solving strategies, detect limiting and empowering beliefs to be able to work on them, improve themselves and their students’ personal skills (resilience, self-esteem, motivation, etc.), social skills (cooperation, communication, cohesion, etc.) and learn to promote coexistence based on respect, equality and constructive interaction within the school environment.

Objectives of the Wellbeing Courses for teachers


  • To promote physical and mental health in schools
  • To wake up the inspiring teacher inside you and be a memorable teacher
  • To get your best version: connect, inspire, lead, innovate, engage your students, be an influencer
  • To identify the feelings, develop a positive self-image, take responsibility for the actions
  • To explore tools and methods to help students build their emotional wellbeing
  • To forge strong relationships and nurture a positive environment in the classroom
  • To understand the effects of stress and anxiety and discover ways to reduce stress in classroom
  • To promote non violent communication, curtail bullying and reduce dropout rates
  • To detect current good practices about wellbeing in schools
  • To exchange ideas, experiences, materials and cross-cultural practices between colleagues
  • To improve language and communication skills
  • To increase international cooperation and intercultural awareness

Schedule for the Wellbeing Courses for teachers



09:00-10:30 Getting to know each other – Team building – Challenges & Hopes
10:30-11:00 Course Introduction: Presentation of the program & course objectives
11:00-12:30 Goals of education / What does the world need? Emotional education definition
12:30-14:00 Wellbeing and happiness in schools


09:00-10:30 Emotions matter – Effects of stress and anxiety in learning
10:30-12:00 Ways to reduce stress in the classroom – Reducing bullying and dropout rates
12:00-14:00 Tools to help students build their emotional wellbeing – Working on emotions in the classroom


09:00-10:30 Improve language & communication skills – Nonviolent communication and peaceful environment
10:30-12:00 Emotional communication, Compassion – Positive & compassive self-talk
12:00-14:00 Wake up the inspiring teacher inside you – Reconnect with your vital purpose


09:00-10:30 Character strengths: Find out the bright side of personality
10:30-12:00 Character strengths survey – Talk about results
12:00-14:00 Strength’s rain


09:00-11:00 Positive Psychology – How to promote physical and mental health in schools?
11:00-12:00 Action Plan – Presentations – Feedbacks
12:00-13:00 Best practices in Europe/World  – Inspirational tips
13:00-13:30 Course overview & Evaluation
13:30-14:00 Certificates Ceremony


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5 days – 25 hours

* Please contact us for 7, 10, 14, 21 days courses!


* Materials, certificates and cultural activities included!

*Other course days are available, please ask for specific dates.

12/02/2024 – 16/02/2024 – confirmed
20/05/2024 – 24/05/2024
15/07/2024 – 19/07/2024 – confirmed
02/09/2024 – 06/09/2024
11/11/2024 – 15/11/2024 – confirmed
27.01.2025 – 31.01.2025
24.03.2025 – 28.03.2025
02.06.2025 – 06.06.2025
04.08.2025 – 08.08.2025
13.10.2025 – 17.10.2025
15.12.2025 – 19.12.2025

06/05/2024 – 10/05/2024

* Our teacher training courses can fully be funded by Erasmus+ program. 

* Please contact us for all inclusive options or specific services depending on your needs and preferences.


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