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How Design Thinking can help transform education in schools

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving approach that has applications in many fields, from business and product design to education. In the field of education, …

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What is the ABN Teaching Method?

The ABN teaching method is an innovative approach to instruction that has revolutionized the way students learn and interact in the classroom. This method combines …

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How robotics can enhance learning in the classroom

Robotics is becoming an increasingly important part of the educational experience. From elementary classrooms to university classrooms, robots are providing new and immersive learning experiences …

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Tips to prevent bullying

Creating a safe classroom environment is a key component of any school’s success. Bullying can have serious repercussions on the mental and physical health of …

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Pedagogical skills 21: Rethinking how to teach

Teaching is a challenging profession. It is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about turning students into responsible lifelong learners. Understandably, being a teacher …

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How to design a gamified learning experience

Gamification is an approach of adding game elements to non-game contexts to engage users and drive desired behaviours. How can gamification be used as a …

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