Rhizomatic learning: the new paradigm of organizational learning

Digital transformation is changing the way we work and learn. A new way of looking at learning is emerging: rhizomatic learning. This new way of …

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the learning pyramid for teachers

The Learning Pyramid Model

The learning pyramid is a theory that was formulated by Edgar Dale for teaching the very young. This theory seeks to understand the most effective …

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5 tips for addressing diversity in the classroom

Diversity is a reality in our classrooms. And we would be making a mistake if we do not take this diversity into account when teaching …

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Learning through play

As we grow up and learn about our environment, our cognitive skills develop and our emotional and social well-being strengthens. Skills such as problem solving …

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Cooperative Learning – 4 Classroom Strategies

Education has evolved to an unimaginable extent. It is now possible to teach from the other side of the globe just by having a mobile …

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