teachers should be creative

Pedagogical skills 21: Rethinking how to teach

Teaching is a challenging profession. It is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about turning students into responsible lifelong learners. Understandably, being a teacher …

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How to design a gamified learning experience

Gamification is an approach of adding game elements to non-game contexts to engage users and drive desired behaviours. How can gamification be used as a …

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good teacher skills

The qualities of a good teacher

Teaching is one of the most difficult professions. You have to be passionate, patient and an effective communicator all at the same time. And that’s …

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Types of intelligence according to Gardner

In the 20th century, psychologists focused on standard measures of intelligence. They examined people’s ability to solve logical problems, identify patterns, and answer general knowledge …

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Rhizomatic learning: the new paradigm of organizational learning

Digital transformation is changing the way we work and learn. A new way of looking at learning is emerging: rhizomatic learning. This new way of …

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the learning pyramid for teachers

The Learning Pyramid Model

The learning pyramid is a theory that was formulated by Edgar Dale for teaching the very young. This theory seeks to understand the most effective …

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