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Pedagogical skills 21: Rethinking how to teach

Teaching is a challenging profession. It is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about turning students into responsible lifelong learners. Understandably, being a teacher has its own pressures. There is no one right way to teach a subject, and every student has different learning styles and abilities. What works for one student may not work for another. That’s why teaching requires creativity, ingenuity and, above all, patience. Fortunately, there are some great teachers who have shared their best tips on how to be the best educator possible. Read on for tips from experienced instructors on how to teach your students effectively and efficiently so they can excel in their studies more than ever.

Being a trainer, not just a teacher: it’s a concept to compensate for the way you teach.

Teachers have a specific role in the classroom, but are they always the right choice for all students? It is important to remember that not all students are learners. They are learners who need an instructor to help them reach their full potential. This means that teachers must not only be aware of what they teach, but also how they teach. They must be able to recognise when their students are having difficulties and know how to help them overcome them. This is not always easy when you are in front of a classroom of 30 students.

Variety helps to rethink the way we teach

When it comes to learning, variety is key. Students do not learn effectively if they do the same things over and over again. To get the most out of their studies, students need to engage in a variety of activities and exercises. When it comes to teaching, this means that instructors should mix things up a bit. They should rotate activities and teaching methods to keep students on their toes. This will help them retain more information and avoid boredom.

Reinforcing key

As we have said, no one likes to be bored. However, when students are interested in the material they are learning, they tend to forget that they are actually studying. That’s when they begin to miss important concepts. To remedy this, instructors should reinforce key concepts and ideas as they progress. They should also give students the opportunity to review the information they have just learned by testing them. In this way, they will ensure that students will have all the knowledge they need to move forward in their studies.

Teachers should to be creative

Much of the information students are expected to learn can be quite dry. This can make it difficult for teachers to keep their students’ attention. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your students from tuning out. You can use visuals, such as graphs, charts and diagrams, to illustrate important points and make the lesson more engaging. You can also use props to make your lessons more fun, such as bringing in plant samples to help students learn about photosynthesis. In addition, you can consider introducing some fun into your class by organising a group project or inviting your students to create their own creative pieces.

Digitising the lecture

We’ve all been to that lecture where students ask the same questions they’ve already asked the teacher. A lecture is a great way to clear up misunderstandings and address concerns, but it can be frustrating when everyone asks different questions. If you are going to give a lecture, why not record it? You can then send the video to the student and put it online for others to watch as well. This not only saves time, but also ensures that no one will miss the information discussed during the lecture.

Summarising concepts

Students often have a lot of information to review each week. Surely one part is more important than another, but they often forget to pay attention to the key points. That’s why teachers should make sure to summarise the most important points of each topic they teach. Doing so will help students remember the information they need to learn and prepare them to move forward in their studies.

When it comes to teaching, there are no right or wrong ways to teach. Every instructor has their own style and their students will either love it or hate it. However, what these tips show is that there are better ways to approach teaching. Instructors should operate to engage their students and make the most of their time together so that everyone can learn more effectively.

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